Reading Is Fundamental

Our Programs

We're doing everything we can to inspire the next generation of readers – we select the best books to motivate children, design literacy resources and events to help them get the most from each experience, and continue searching for the best ways to bring the joy of reading to kids across the nation.

Our programs work to address the never-ending cycle of illiteracy in the U.S. that suppresses millions of Americans, especially those from low-income communities, from reaching their full potential.

There are 93 million adults in the U.S. who read at or below the basic level needed to contribute successfully to society. For many of these adults, they’ve had difficulty reading since they were kids.

Many of today’s students face the same issue and the never-ending cycle of illiteracy:

RIF is working to change the paradigm.


All children deserve a book to call their own. For nearly 50 years, RIF’s signature Books for Ownership program gets books into the hands of kids who need them most. LEARN MORE


RIF has proven that getting good books into the hands of children to read and own makes a huge difference in reading outcomes. Good books, in addition to classroom enrichment activities and teacher support improves outcomes even more. See how RIF’s Read for Success program intervention is helping even the poorest of readers excel. LEARN MORE