Reading Is Fundamental


Reading Is Fundamental is pleased to share our latest public service announcement, titled READ, that showcases the power of books, reading aloud, and the endless possibilities of imagination. 

Intended to inspire kids and adults alike, READ is a whimsical approach to literacy showing how your voice can spark a child’s imagination in the most unexpected way. And, we know that when children are inspired to read and they have books in the home, especially ones they selected themselves, learning has no boundaries.

READ is a labor of love from our partner and short film producer, Timber. Together with actors, cinematographers, editors and animators, they have created a perfect video that takes you on a journey, showing all of us the magic and power of books.

We are honored to have received the donation of the PSA from our friends at Timber to support our mission as we celebrate 50 years of inspiring children to read, learn and grow.

Watch the PSA and spark a child’s imagination.