Reading Is Fundamental


One of the very best things you can do is simply read to your child.  However, there are ways you can make the experience even richer!  For our very young children, they are learning vocabulary and a love of books.  Children who are readers love to hear you read as well.  Sharing that timeless classic, best loved tale, or new favorite is a special time together. 

  • Try to establish a regular time for reading aloud.
  • Find a quiet, comfortable place.
  • Select a book both you and your child can enjoy.
  • Point out the cover illustration and the author and illustrator's names.
  • Read with expression; have fun bringing the characters and events to life.
  • Read slowly so your child can take in the words and look at the pictures.
  • Encourage questions.
  • If your child becomes fidgety, take a break.
  • Talk about the book afterward.
  • If it is a frequently read book, ask the child to retell the story in his own words.