Reading Is Fundamental


Inspire your reader wherever you are

Learning can happen all around you, including your own neighborhood! Always have a book, mobile phone or tablet handy for reading and use these everyday activities to help your children thrive during the summer months.

STAYCATIONS just aren’t for those on a limited budget. They provide an opportunity for the family to research and explore places that are in their own backyard. From a hike in a state park to a day at the county fair, there are lots of places to go.  

  • Visit a museum or art gallery. When you get home, use sidewalk chalk to make your own mural. What story does your artwork tell? Don’t forget to sign your masterpiece!
  • Have a “book-nic.” Grab a blanket, snacks and books to celebrate a beautiful summer day together.
  • Plan a backyard camping trip for friends. List all the things you will need to survive the night outside, including a flashlight to read scary stories!
  • Walk around your neighborhood and look at the houses. Draw a picture of your favorite house. Make up stories about a person who might call it home.
  • Visit the library and check out books about local birds or insects. Go on an adventure walk to see what ones you can find in your neighborhood.
  • Read online about the places that are most visited in your area and see if any spark an interest.

VACATIONS are adventures and filled with easy ways to expand your child’s mind, vocabulary and creative side. Be sure to talk about what you see, where you’re going and what you loved the most about your time together.

  • Play the alphabet game! Find letters or objects starting from A-Z while traveling.
  • Look at maps together and identify where you will visit and how far you will travel. Do you see a place on the map you’d really like to visit? Go online and find out if this is must-do stop on your travels.
  • Write letters to friends and family.  Tell them all about your adventures away from home.
  • Identify the differences between your vacation spot and home. Are the houses different shapes? Do people speak different languages? Are the animals or trees different?
  • Hit the library before you leave to make sure everyone in the family has a book to enjoy during downtime.
  • Keep an Explorer’s Journal. Draw pictures of your favorite sites. What did you learn and see?

Word Games for the Car or Backyard

Whether you are in the car or in the backyard, there are always activities which can easily keep your kids entertained and engaged. Write down the longest word you know and see how many smaller words you can make from its letters! Can’t think of one, try WATERMELON! Or, have your child unscramble the letters of words:


  1. NOLME  (hint: a juicy fruit)
  2. NRAI (hint: wet skies)
  3. FWOREL (hint: summer bloom) 
  4. OOLP (hint: place to swim)
  5. RREYB (hint: small fruit)
  6. COAEN (hint: salty water)

[Answers: 1.melon; 2.rain; 3.flower; 4.pool; 5.berry; 6.ocean]