Reading Is Fundamental


Reading Is Fundamental is for America, yet millions of children are living in the U.S. without access to books.

Legislative Background

Preparing and motivating children to read is a critical part of students’ academic success. And it begins with owning a book. Since 1966, RIF has provided an effective book distribution program that at its peak served more than 4 million children annually in 17,000 locations across every U.S. state and territory. 

However, in 2011, Congress zeroed out federal funding for many children’s literacy and early education programs, including RIF.  In light of this action and with a clear need for federal investment in children’s literacy, RIF’s legislative priority has been continued annual funding and authorization of the U.S. Department of Education’s Innovative Approaches to Literacy (IAL) grant program. 

The IAL grant provides an important opportunity for national organizations like RIF to compete for funds to carry out our critical work of ensuring children’s access to books, helping them to prepare for school and stay on track.  That’s why we need your help reaching out to Congress to ensure continued investment in a bright future for our children. Click below to send a message directly to Congress and we encourage you to help us educate legislators about the impact of RIF’s work in your community via phone calls, letters, and RIF program site visits.