Reading Is Fundamental


For 50 years, RIF has touched the lives of millions of impoverished children—inspiring them to read, learn, and succeed. We hope you will join us in the quest to help as many children as possible discover the joy and magic of books.

How can you help improve children’s literacy in the United States? One of the most powerful things you can do is lend us your voice. There are many ways to help spread the word about the important work we do and the impact that books have on the lives of children across the country.

Tell Us Your RIF Story!

Do you have a favorite memory to share about the RIF Mobile making a visit to your neighborhood or a favorite book that inspired your love of reading? 

If RIF has touched your life in any way—as a RIF Kid, parent, coordinator, teacher, volunteer, or otherwise—we want to hear about it. Tell us about your first book, favorite RIF memory, or what makes RIF special to you. Then share your story to let your friends learn about RIF’s work and the importance of giving books to those who need them most. 

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