Reading Is Fundamental


Everyone loves a good story and, to celebrate a remarkable 50 years, we want to hear yours. Were you a RIF kid who still remembers how it felt to take your very own book home? Perhaps you were a volunteer or educator, or still are? It could just be that reading changed your life, and you want to show everyone the difference a book can make to a child.

Tell us about your first book, favorite reading memory, or what makes RIF special to you. This is your opportunity to inspire the next generation to love reading as much as you do, so please take a moment to share. We’ll feature stories throughout the year so be sure to visit our website often.

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Deanna, NY

When you work at the Boys & Girls Clubs of Buffalo you soon realize that many of our children have limited resources at home. That is why it was so exciting to receive 754 books...

Sam, TN

I am in the midst of my second year reading to Mrs. Wheeler's First Grade class. I can still recall the feeling of butterflies in my stomach before walking into her class the first day...

Amy, CA

At the Boys & Girls Clubs of Oceanside, where English is a second language, one volunteer makes a difference

Becca, MI

As the RIF Coordinator and a former RIF kid myself, I have many stories I could tell! But one of my favorites was actually shared with me by a teacher at Palmer Elementary...

Taneeka, CA

One of my most precious moments as a parent was seeing my daughter fall in love with books for the first time.

Brenda, IL

My story is pretty simple but definitely demonstrates the simple power of your program.