The Land of Make Believe

Come on along and I'll sing you a song

About a boy who sailed the sea

In a boat called Fantasy

Under skies of blue


He followed the sun to an island of fun

There were rainbows everywhere

And so much magic in the air

It was a dream come true


He flew upon a flying fish

Laughing with the wind

Over diamond studded shores

And trees of tamarind


The wind sang a song as it sped him along

Through the cool and salty spray

What a happy place to play

An ocean paradise


He saddled up a sea horse

And galloped through the mist

As dolphins danced upon the waves

The whales, by moonlight, kissed


The man in the moon said,

Time for bed soon

So the stars showed him the way

Back from his magic world of play

On the shinning sea


Now little one this story is done

And the sandmans here on cue

Its time to rock you back into

The Land of Make Believe


Words and Music by Joanie Bartels and Chris Rhyne. (c) 1989 J. Bartels/C. Rhyne. Performed by Joanie Bartels.

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