RIF's Reading Checkup for Preschoolers 

Preschoolers are aware of print in the world around them and on the page. They may pretend to read favorite books. This pretend reading helps set the stage for real reading, and helps children begin to think of themselves as readers.

How is your child developing as reader?  Use RIF’s Reading Checkup to evaluate his or her progress.  It describes the knowledge and skills most preschoolers demonstrate.


Does your child...


1. Retell a story by looking at the pictures?

    a. not yet      b. sometimes      c. often

2. Pretend to read a book by memorizing the words?

    a. not yet      b. sometimes      c. often

3. Ask questions while you are reading?

    a. not yet      b. sometimes      c. often

4. Make marks that look like letters?

    a. not yet      b. makes marks      c. prints letters


Can your child...


1. Recite nursery rhymes and sing songs?

    a. not yet      b. a few      c. a lot

2. Predict what will happen next in the story?

    a. not yet      b. sometimes      c. often

3. Read or recognize "Stop" on a stop sign, brand names, and other familiar print?

    a. not yet      b. sometimes      c. often

4. Identify and name the letters of the alphabet?

    a. not yet      b. some letters      c. most letters


Notice where most of your checkmarks fall. If your answers are mostly As, your child may still be making the transition from an earlier stage. If the answers are mostly Bs, your child is in the middle of this stage. If you checked mostly Cs, your child is probably stepping up to the next level.

Important: If you have any concerns about your child’s reading progress, talk to a pediatrician or early childhood educator.


Advice for New Parents

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