Where to Find Good Books 

You can put together a large collection of books without putting out a lot of money.  Here are a few places where you can acquire used books for your home library:

Attics and basements


Do you have any of your own books from childhood? Find them! Take delight in passing them down to your children and enjoying them again yourself.

Library sales


Many libraries have annual sales to make room for new titles. Check with your librarian for dates.  

Informal trading


Encourage your children and their friends to swap books they have read for books they haven't. Or arrange a weekend book-swap among families from your children's school or neighborhood. 

Yard sales, flea markets and church bazaars


You can find some surprisingly good books for very little money at these events. Comb through neighborhood newspapers and newsletters for dates and locations. Some organizations even sponsor yearly used book sales, sometimes with thousands of titles. 

Secondhand bookstores


These exist in most cities and can be readily found in the yellow pages. They can be a treasure trove of good, inexpensive children's books, and the selection is always changing. 

Thrift and resale shops


Stores like those run by the Salvation Army, Goodwill and service and veterans organizations are good sources for used books. Check them frequently for the best selection.


Advice for New Parents

Be a Literacy "Informant"

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