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Tips for Reading Aloud With Toddlers

Read aloud so toddlers can:

orange bulletContinue to associate reading with warm, pleasant feelings

orange bulletConsider books fun and valuable play materials

orange bulletExpand their listening skills

orange bulletBuild their vocabularies with words they understand and can use

orange bulletLink pictures and stories in books to the real world

orange bulletBegin creating pictures in their minds while listening to stories


Choose books toddlers enjoy, including stories with:

orange bulletBrief, simple plots and only a few words per page

orange bulletRhymes and predictable words they can remember

orange bulletCharacters handling typical emotions, feelings, and experiences

orange bulletAbove-level words in order build their vocabulary with new words and ideas

orange bulletDaily routines such as using the toilet, washing hands, and brushing teeth.

orange bulletConcepts such as size, color, shape, and time


While reading aloud:

orange bulletRead the same books again and again, if asked

orange bulletRead slowly so your toddler can make sense of what's happening in a story

orange bulletLet your toddler draw or color if he finds it easier to listen when he is busy

orange bulletVary your voice to fit the characters and plot

orange bulletRepeat interesting words and phrases

orange bulletUse puppets and other props related to the story

orange bulletStop often to comment, ask questions, and look closely at illustrations

orange bulletEncourage your toddler to turn pages, make sounds, repeat rhymes, etc.

orange bulletTalk about the pictures and point out details a toddler might miss

orange bulletTalk about the book and how it relates to your toddler's real life experiences


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