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Tips for Reading Aloud With Preschoolers

Read aloud so preschoolers can:

orange bulletContinue to associate reading with warm, pleasant feelings

orange bulletTalk about the characters, settings, and plot and relate them to their lives

orange bulletLearn about words and language; expand their listening skills

orange bulletBuild their vocabularies with words they understand and can use

orange bulletGain background knowledge about a variety of topics

orange bulletLearn that print is spoken words written down


Choose books preschoolers enjoy, including stories

orange bulletAbout young children who have experiences similar to your preschooler

orange bulletWith simple plots your preschooler can retell in her own words

orange bulletWith repetitive and predictable rhymes, phrases, and story lines

orange bulletIn longer picture books and chapter books that allow for for several sessions

orange bulletBased on folk tales wherein animal characters think and talk like humans

orange bulletWith facts, explanations, and new people, places, and things


While reading aloud:

orange bulletIntroduce the book: read the title, author, and illustrator

orange bulletLook at the cover: talk about what the book might be about

orange bulletRun your finger under the text as you read

orange bulletTalk about the story during and after a read-aloud session

orange bulletUse information and reference books to answer your preschooler's questions

orange bulletHave your preschooler look at the pictures to help her understand the story

orange bulletRepeat interesting words and rhymes while reading and at a later time

orange bulletPause so your preschooler can say the word then ends a predictable phrase

orange bulletStop to ask thinking questions like "What'll happen?" or "Why did he do that?"

orange bulletInvite your preschooler to draw or paint a picture based on the story


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