David Wiesner
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David Wiesner

David Wiesner is one of the most original and imaginative children’s book illustrators working today. Specializing in wildly fanciful images with few words, his books appeal to a wide range of audiences and ages.

He is also one of the most honored artists in his field, having won two Caldecott Medals (The Three Pigs and Tuesday) and two Caldecott Honor Books designations (Sector 7 and Free Fall), among other awards. 

Wiesner lives with his wife and their son and daughter in the Philadelphia area, where he continues to create dreamlike and inventive illustrations.

These are a few of David's favorite things:

Favorite book as a child

The Provensen Animal Book by Alice and Martin Provensen. It had poems, stories, puzzles, and other fun things. One of my favorite stories was "The Unhappy Birthday," in which a tiger sends out birthday invitations to the other animals. As a little kid, I thought it was such a neat story.


Favorite letter or word

I can't pick one.  I love them all!


Favorite number

As a kid, I would've always said that my favorite number was 12. I guess there was just something I liked about counting numbers 12 and up.


Favorite color

I tend to like gray versions of colors (like bluish gray).  So, I often find myself mixing gray with another color when I paint.


Favorite shape

An oval. When I doodle, I usually start with an oval and then build off of it.


Favorite body part

A thumb. As a kid, I was never really good at drawing a hand but I could always draw a good thumb.


Favorite person (dead or alive)

My wife and kids.


Favorite food

When I was little, my favorite food was a hamburger. It's still one of my favorites, along with blackened tuna.


Favorite place

Anywhere near the ocean.


Favorite animal (existing or extinct)

I'm a cat person... so is my whole family. I like that cats are so independent; they've got a mind of their own.


Favorite hobby/fun thing to do

Listening to music and making mix tapes for my kids and friends.


Favorite time of day

It used to be in the middle of the night, because that's when I'd get a lot of work done.


Favorite letter from a fan

I have a letter tacked on my wall from a kid, probably 7- or 8-years-old, who wrote, "Really liked your books. I loved your presentation. Sorry I fell asleep, I had a rough night"!!


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