One More Story
One More Story is an interactive website that provides a vast library of children’s classic and contemporary literature for children ages 2–9. One More Story has collaborated publishers such as Candlewick Press, Random House, and Penguin Putnam, to feature with award-winning children’s literature. One More Story’s philosophy is to offer the highest quality in children’s literature, present it in an engaging and creative way, and create a generation of lifelong readers. The website is available on a subscription basis to schools, libraries, and homes. One More Story provides the service to hospitals at no charge.

Kneebouncers is a fun, interactive website featuring games and activities to stimulate babies and toddlers. Colorful animated graphics, combined with great sound effects, excite and entertain the ittiest of the bittiest. Kneebouncers is also educational. Your budding genius may even start to understand the cause and effect principle, but mostly they’ll just squeal with delight. So if you have little ones clamoring for the keyboard, plop them on your knee and let the bouncing begin!

Inkless Tales
Inkless Tales is an interactive website for young learners ages 4–8. The site offers read-aloud stories, poems, games, music, and more. The site is listed on the American Library Association's "Great Sites for Kids" and Encyclopedia Britannica's shortlist of "World's Best Web Sites." Inkless Tales' mission is to encourage young children to explore, read, create, and most of all, try anything and everything and never give up.

MightyBook is an online publisher that specializes in children's read-aloud eBooks and Story Songs for ages 2–10. Words in the stories are highlighted as they are spoken by the storyteller, providing entertainment that helps kids learn to read. Illustrations for MightyBook stories have an international flavor, with artists from Australia, Canada, China, Iran, England, France, Pakistan, South Africa, and the United States. MightyBook's mission is to provide entertaining content that helps kids discover the joy and power of reading.

Blue Vision Music
Blue Vision Music is a provider of award-winning children’s music — from children's choirs to Grammy award-winning songwriters and recordings artists. Blue Vision Music is owned and operated by the husband and wife team of James Coffey and Georgean Johnson-Coffey. James is an award-winning children's songwriter, recording artist and performer. Georgean has spent many years working in nonprofit organizations and now masterfully handles the company's PR, marketing, and customer service.

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