Featured Book: Our Book by Us

Follow the adventures of SugarLoaf!


This book includes six “SugarLoaf” minibooks by Peter H. Reynolds and lots of activities designed to inspire reading, writing, talking and listening together.

Icky, Sticky & Gooey

Icky, Sticky & Gooey make quite a mess with a piece of gum.

Jungle Bungle Journey

A crazy contraption called the P.T. Barna Bus picks up a bunch of silly mixed-up creatures.

Bobo the Baby Elephant Grows Up

Bobo is a baby elephant that is afraid to grow up.

Squeaky the Mouse

Squeaky the mouse makes friends inside an old house.

Black and Red Ants

One black ant and one red ant meet upon a hill.

The Telephone Game

Mrs. Elephant calls Mouse. Mouse calls Fox. The message begins to get all mixed up.

Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See?

Read along with Eric Carle, illustrator of this beloved children's book.

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