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About RIF’s Latino Outreach Initiative

On September 15, 2004, RIF officially launched its national campaign aimed at promoting early childhood literacy among Latino families in the United States. Called “Un futuro brillante empieza en un libro,” the campaign emphasizes to Latino families the ways they can incorporate into their everyday family lives simple, appropriate activities that will promote literacy among their children. Through several resources and materials in Spanish, RIF hopes to expose families to many of the culturally appropriate books and resources available to them, as well as to demonstrate that encouraging literacy can be done in small, manageable steps and through activities that many families already do every day. (Read our press release).

Key Messages

  • Sharing stories and reading aloud to young children may be the single most important thing families can do to help children learn to read;
  • Everyday activities such as singing, storytelling and rhyming (activities that Latino families already do) help reinforce and encourage literacy;
  • Families can grow closer by taking time to read with their children; and
  • Activities in either English or Spanish will help your children develop literacy skills.

Key Components

  • Public service announcements (PSAs)
    The campaign includes the release of two Spanish language television PSAs, featuring television personalities Jorge Ramos and Cristina Saralegui. View the PSAs.
  • ¡Leamos en familia! bilingual website
    Families can browse our bilingual website for literacy resources and activities, including interactive games, bilingual booklists, and group activities.
  • 30-minute parent video
    The half-hour video features parents and educators and outlines specific steps that families can take to better support their children’s literacy skills. The suggested activities are short and easy to incorporate into an already busy day. They also demonstrate ways families can tap into extended family members or strengthen activities they already do regularly with children. To distribute the video, RIF will reach out to a network of educational, literacy, Latino and other organizations that communicate directly and regularly with Latino families.
    Learn more.

Support our initiative:

  • Link to us
    Spread the word about our site. Link to RIF’s ¡Leamos en familia! website,

  • Share content
    Do you have valuable information to share with us? We are happy to promote your materials on our website if they are appropriate for our audience. Email with your suggestions.

  • Distribute our videos
    Distribute our videos to your network of Latino families or educators. They are perfect for parent trainings or one-on-one sessions. Email for details.

  • Contact your local Univision stations
    Send a letter to your local Univision station requesting that they air the RIF PSAs.
    View sample letter.

  • Donate
    Your dollars will make a difference.
    Donate online today.

  • Become a sponsor
    Support our initiative and become a sponsor. With more than 25,000 programs in all 50 states and U.S. territories, RIF’s experienced marketing department creates programs that are national in focus and local in execution, enabling our partner companies to reach targeted markets and audiences.  If you are interested in working with RIF, please contact:  toll-free at 888-725-4801 or via e-mail at
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