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Lets Read as a Family!

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Kids Web LinksWeb links for kids
There are tons of Spanish and English websites where you can learn and have fun.

Web links for adults
We know that as a parent, extended family member or caring adult, you are always looking for quality resources to help the children in your life succeed.

Let's Read as a Family Activity Booklet
This booklet, available in Spanish and English, has literacy activities and games for the whole family. Print out the activities to complete either at home or on the go. This booklet is perfect for parents, educators, and anyone else looking for fun, free bilingual resources.

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Advice and tips for adults
Learn how to create a cozy library at home, cook as a family, read aloud to kids of different ages, and celebrate reading together!

Support this initiative!
Your support can make a difference! Find out what you can do to help RIF's Latino Outreach Initiative make the greatest impact possible.




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