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Riffington's Coloring Book

Get creative with Riffington’s Coloring Book! You’ll find a variety of coloring pages to choose from. Color online, or print out the pages and color with your own crayons, paints, or markers at home.

Start Coloring with the Online Book!
English or Spanish)

Or print one of the following pages to color by hand:

After You've Finished Coloring:
If you’ve created your coloring masterpiece, think about sharing this artwork with friends or family members. You could:

  • Make a Card.
    Cut out your picture and glue it to a piece of paper that is folded in half. Write a nice message on the inside paper, and give it to someone you love.
  • Create a Story.
    Think up a story to go along with your picture. You can write the story down on paper and make a book. Or you could just share your picture with a friend and tell them the story out loud.
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