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There are about as many jobs as you can imagine – almost any activity can be a type of job. Look at the booklist below to find books that describe a variety of jobs. Some jobs will sound familiar, but others might be new to you. Think about the kinds of jobs that interest you. What are some jobs that you might want to do when you grow up? What are some of the jobs your family members do?

  • What do you want to be when you grow up?Why? What if you won the lottery and didn’t have to worry about money. Would this change what you would want to be?  Think of five different jobs that you would never want to have.

  • Talk about the different jobs that your family members have had. What are the jobs that you found most interesting? Is there one job that multiple people in your family have had? Why do you think that is?

  • Interview classmates and friends about what they want to be when they grow up. Try to find out what inspires them. Create a “future yearbook” with pictures of your friends and the jobs they want to have one day.

  • Look in the “Classified” section of the newspaper and find a job that you might want to have. With your parents or family members, discuss the meaning of the various acronyms (ex: ISO is “in search of”). Use the Internet and other resources to research the skills and education that you’ll need for different jobs.

  • Go through several magazines and cut out pictures of people at work. Make a collage together with your family. What differences do you notice in the types of work people do?

  • As a family, think of jobs that require people to wear uniforms.

  • Make a shadow box showing where you’d like to work. Maybe it will be an office, an airplane, a school or even a soccer field. You’ll need a shoebox, paper, glue, tape, markers, and maybe clay and other materials.

  • Think about how where you live might influence what you do. What might your job be if you lived in Alaska? In New York? El Salvador? China? What about a city or the country? Discuss it with your family.

  • Today we have jobs that didn’t exist 100 years ago, like website designer and astronaut. Think 100 years into the future. Talk as a family about what new jobs might exist 100 years from now. Think of a future job you’d like to have, and illustrate it.

  • Teachers have to grade papers and teach as part of their jobs. Principals have to enforce rules and watch over the school. What work do kids have to do as part of their “jobs” as students? Write a job description advertising the position of “Elementary School Student” for the local newspaper. What skills are necessary to do the job? What type of work does the position involve? What is the time requirement? How much is the “pay” (what does the student get in return for doing the job)?

  • As a family, think of a job for every letter of the alphabet.

  • Play a game of charades as a family where you act out certain jobs. The other family members have to guess which job you’re acting out. Take turns.

  • Games and sports have jobs that go along with them. In “Hide and Seek,” one person’s job is to find the other players. In baseball, one job is to pitch the ball. Think of different jobs that go along with games and sports.
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