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Family Activities

Family ActivityIn this section you’ll find family activities for weekends, rainy days, or afternoon fun. The activities are categorized by theme. Each theme has several activities designed for every kind of learner. Head outside to tour the neighborhood, write letters, make art projects, start a song and dance, or read a book!
  • Family
    Each family has a story to tell and every family’s story is different. Have fun learning about what makes your family different.

  • Animals
    Whether small or large, furry or scaly, it’s fun to discover more about animals and their characteristics.  
  • Community
    What's in your community? Explore your neighborhood and learn as a family.

  • Folklore and Traditions
    Latino culture is rich in folklore and traditions, celebrate your heritage with these fun activities.

  • Inspiring People
    What makes a person famous? Who is your greatest inspiration? Learn and share together.

  • Jobs and Work
    Everybody has a job — even kids. Find out what sorts of jobs exist and talk about your own job.
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