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Each family has a story to tell and every family’s story is different. Whether it is a story about the holiday when grandma burned the bread or a crazy family reunion, sharing stories together is a favorite family past-time. Spend time together sharing your family stories. What makes your family unique? Think about what you love the most about your family.

  • Write a news article about your family.
    What is the most exciting thing happening right now? Think about using that event as the headline. E.g. “Tia Angela comes to visit!” Write the first paragraph and include information about who, what, where, when and how.

  • Make a daily schedule.
    Pick someone in your family and find out what they do all day. Ask them what time they wake up, or how long it takes to shower, cook, clean, or go to work.  Count up the hours and minutes so that you can account for the full 24 hours. (Don’t forget to leave time for reading!)

  • Create a family album collage.
    Collect photos of your family, cut out words from magazines and newspapers.

  • Think of a funny moment with your family and act out the story without using words.
    See if they can guess what the story is and which family member you’re portraying. Take turns. 

  • Create a comparison book.
    Pick two people in your family and come up with ways they are similar and dissimilar. Compare their eye color, height, food likes and dislikes. Interview them and ask them each the same questions. Record each of their answers. Draw pictures to go along with your book.

  • Send a letter or an email to a relative who lives far away.

  • Create a family birthday calendar.
    This way you will be sure to remember everyone’s birthday. You can include brothers, sisters, aunts, uncles, grandparents, friends and even pets.

  • Create a treasure chest.
    Write a special note to each of your family members. Write down your own goals. What do you think you will be doing in two years? What will you have accomplished? What are your favorite foods? What is going on in your family right now? Store the time capsule in a safe place in your bedroom to be re-opened in the future

  • Create a family tree.
    Select leaves from your yard or neighborhood to represent everyone in your family. Trace the leaves with a pencil and then fill in the information.

  • Pick a favorite song and write down the lyrics you hear.
    Rewrite the lyrics to include people in your family and a story about you. Share it with your family members, or even sing together.
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