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Who inspires you? Who makes you want to read, write, sing, dance, act, or be a leader? Everyone is inspired and motivated by different things. Check out the following books and activities to see what you find inspiring. See how different people have made their dreams and goals come true, and how they’ve overcome their challenges to be the best they can.

  • Write a fan letter to a famous person who’s still alive. See if you can find out where to send the letter.

  • Imagine you had the opportunity to meet this famous person. Draw the scene where you meet.

  • Think of a character from a book who inspires you. Write a story with both you and the character in it.

  • Have fun with names. Think of famous people and then try to find a word that rhymes with it. Example: Dr. Seuss and moose.

  • Think of a famous person for every letter of the alphabet. You can use the first or last name.

  • Choose a famous person and find out when he or she was born. Do the math to find out how old the person is today. How many years older (or maybe younger) is the person than you? How about compared to other family members?

  • Play a charades game with your family using famous people. Players can act and talk like the person, but cannot say names or places.

  • Think of a famous person you’d like to know more about. Go to the library and find a biography or personal information, like statistics for an athlete, musical lyrics for a musician, or a book written by the author. Discover what skills and inspirations that person needed to become so successful. Could you accomplish the same thing, or even more?

  • There are many ways people can become famous. They might have a job in the spotlight, create a big change in the world, or have something interesting or exciting happen to them, like winning the lottery. How might you become famous in the future? How can you use your own personality and skills to become successful?

  • Have you ever looked at a rock, a cloud, or a tree and think that it looked like someone famous? Go for a nature walk and look for some examples – you might have to use a lot of imagination for this one.
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 Harvesting Hope: The Story of Cesar Chavez  - Cosechando esperanza: La historia de César Chávez
by Kathleen Krull, illustrated by Yuyi Morales, translated by F. Isabel Campoy and Alma Flor Ada

by Jonah Winter  

 by Jeanette Winter

Viva Mexico!: A Story of Benito Juarez and Cinco de Mayo
by Argentina Palacios

A Movie in My Pillow - Una película en mi almohada
by Jorge Argueta, illustrated by Elizabeth Gómez

 The Pot that Juan Built
by Nancy Andrews-Goebel, illustrated by David Díaz

My Diary From Here To There - Mi diario de aquí hasta allá
by Amada Irma Pérez

Before We Were Free
by Julia Álvarez

Cuba 15
by Nancy Osa

First Day in Grapes
by L. King Pérez, ilustrado por Robert Casilla

The Upside Down Boy - El niño de cabeza
by Juan Felipe Herrera, illustrated by Elizabeth Gómez

Esperanza Rising
by Pam Muñoz Ryan

Breaking Through
by Francisco Jiménez

It Doesn’t Have to Be This Way: A Barrio Story - No tiene que ser así: una historia del barrio
by Luis J. Rodríguez, illustrated by Daniel Gálvez

Under the Royal Palms: A Childhood in Cuba
by Alma Flor Ada

An Island Like You: Stories of the Barrio
by Judith Ortiz Cofer 

Baseball in April, and Other Stories
by Gary Soto

 Superestrellas del deporte
(Spanish series, various authors, various sports heroes)

 Cesar Chavez: A Struggle for Justice - Cesar Chavez: La lucha por la justicia
by Richard Griswold del Castillo

 A Library for Juana: The World of Sor Juana Inés
by Pat Mora

The Tall Mexican: The Life of Han Aguirre All Star Pitcher, Businessman and Humanitarian
by Robert E. Copely 

Home is Everything: The Latino Baseball Story: From the Barrio to the Major Leagues
by Marcos Breton






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