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Reading, writing, storytelling, and singing can, and will make a difference in the future of your family. Listen and watch as celebrities, parents, and educators discuss the importance of reading as a family.

Public Service Announcements (PSA):

Un futuro brillante empieza en un libro.
As part of RIF's Latino Outreach Initiative, four PSAs were created starring television personalities Jorge Ramos and Cristina Saralegui. Take a look!

Jorge Ramos
Univision News Anchor
and Author

15 seconds | 30 seconds
View script in English
and Spanish (PDF)

Cristina Saralegui
Talk-show Host and TV personality

15 seconds | 30 seconds
View script in English
and Spanish (PDF)

Spanish-language Parent Video:

Cómo compartir cuentos
sugerencias sobre cómo leer en familia

This half-hour educational video shows parents and educators participating in simple daily activities that strengthen literacy skills and provide easy ways to include all family members. View video clips below.

Father and son on TV


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