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Sweet, Fried Plantains

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Fun in the Kitchen, Rainy Day Fun , Cultural Heritage, Math Skills, Math Skills > Numbers & Counting, Seasonal Activities > Summer


3-5, 6-8, 9-12, 13+


A plantain is a tropical fruit that is a lot like a banana, only bigger. When fried, it is a delicious, Caribbean treat. Enjoy some sweet, fried plantains during your next meal.



  • butter knife
  • frying pan
  • spatula
  • paper towels


  • 3-4 ripe plantains
  • lemon juice
  • ground cinnamon
  • brown sugar
  • butter

Peel the plantains and cut into slices.  Arrange slices in a single layer on a plate and sprinkle them with lemon juice, cinnamon, and brown suger.  Melt 4 tablespoons of butter in a large frying pan over medium-low heat.  Place slices in a single layer in the frying pan.  Fry both sides until the slices are golden.  Remove from pan and place on a paper towel to cool.  Then enjoy them as a mid-afternoon snack or a yummy dessert.

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