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Lemony-in-frameLemony's Sad Story

Snicket talks to RIF about his mysterious hometown, an
early experience with a food-mad caterpillar, and why
Count Olaf won't be appearing at a bookstore near you.


           Olaf's head

Contest Update: Good News and Bad News
The good news is that the original dreadful Lemony Snicket
contest is over, and the prizes have been sent. But there's even worse news: there's a new Snicket contest! This one involves the dreadful Count Olaf and winning a pre-screening of the new movie. It's too awful to think about. Find out how you can enter -- if you dare.

                                    Black line

Count Olaf Lemony FAQs

Get the scoop on popular questions, including why even Snicket's pen
has an alias. Also, find out what Snicket has to say about Beatrice,
                     his own childhood, and the joys of taxidermy.

Grim Grotto Jacket (smaller)                                Review  

Was it good, ghastly, and gripping? Tell RIF and other kids what you
think of The Grim Grotto, the latest book in A Series of Unfortunate Events,
and how it compares to the rest of the books in the series.


Movie photo                                   Movie pics

See new photos from the gloomy movie that comes out
December 17, 2004. Click here to take a look, although it's
                              probably best if you don't ...

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