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Hispanic Heritage Pop Trivia

1. In the cartoon, The Emperor’s New Groove, Kuzco is the fictional king of this South American empire.

Inca Aztec Maya

2. Brazil’s soccer team holds the record for the most Fifa World Cup championships (five in all). The team’s colors are blue, green, and ____.

red yellow orange

3. Nina Sky and Daddy Yankee have hit songs in this music genre.

rap reggaeton rock

4.Which Spanish artist was the co-founder of cubism, an art style in which an object is painted using geometric shapes?

Pablo Picasso Joan Miró Salvador Dali

5. Spy kid Alexa Vega and Latin singer Shakira have at least one thing in common: they both have a parent who is from this country.

Mexico Honduras Colombia

6. This Central American country is famous for its man-made canal, which links the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans.

Belize Panama Guatemala

7. Kenny Ortega is a famous choreographer and director. Most recently, he has choreographed and directed this popular film.

Hairspray High School Musical 2 Harry Potter

8.In December 2006, the Six Flags in this city hosted the world’s biggest piñata, which was in the shape of a horse.

Madrid Montevideo Mexico City

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