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Junie B. Jones is Captain Field Day

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Junie B. Jones is Captain Field Day

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Barbara Park


Denise Brunkus


Random House Children's Publishing




3-5, 6-8

Summary: When the teacher explains to the kindergarten class about field day, she tells them it doesn't matter who wins or loses the games. The idea is just to have fun, show good sportsmanship, and enjoy the sunshine. Junie B. isn't so sure. Why bother to have contests if you don't want to win? Since she's been chosen team captain for Room 9, she decides she'll work hard to make sure her team is the kindergarten champions. But as the day goes along, Room 8 keeps winning everything. Will Junie B. be able to find her super powers and help her team to victory?

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In this story, it was really great because Junie B. had to go to a field trip. There was games like civil war but this boy was so strong that his team won every single one. This book was the greatest.


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