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From boogers, to vomit, to alphabet-burping, goo is all things yucky, slimy, skin-crawling, and...COOL!  So take a deep breath and prepare to immerse yourself in these "goo-some" books, games, and experiments.

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Don't Mess with Slimeman

Materials: 2 mixing bowls, water, spoon, corn starch, green food coloring (optional)

Make slime that's cooler than what you've seen on Nickelodeon.  Here's how: Slimeman

  1. Pour 1 cup of corn starch into a mixing bowl.

  2. In another bowl, add a few drops of food coloring to 1 cup of water.  Stir.

  3. Slowly pour the colored water into the bowl with corn starch. 

  4. Use your hands to mix it all up until it's slimey and gooey to your satisfaction.

Place a handful of slime in the palm of your hand.  What happens?  Next, roll it into a ball and squeeze.  How does it feel? 

How's that possible?



                                                            Cruise on to Ooo

Goo Fact - 1

Spider-Man Slug
A banana slug secretes slime from every part of its body. It can even produce a slime cord to lower itself from a higher place.



Goo Fact - 2

Sweat is in the "Armpit" of the "Be-hand-er"
If you are right-handed, you sweat more under your left arm; and vice-versa.



Goo Fact - 3

"I'd like a cup of gas to go please!"
Most people fart 14 times a day. That can amount to anywhere from one cup to a half-gallon of gas!



Goo Fact - 2

The Headless Cockroach
A cockroach can live a week without its head before dying of thirst.



Goo Fact - 1

Booger Yum, Yum
Austrian doctor, Dr. Friedrich Bischinger, believes eating boogers is a great way to strengthen the body’s immune system.



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