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Read Along Stories & Songs

Enjoy reading and singing along to these fun, animated stories!

Feature Story

The Curious Adventures of Sydney and Symon in Water Wonders
Young sibling scientists Sydney and Symon Starr "show what they know" as they explore science and engineering, expressing themselves through writing, art and song.



More Stories

Follow along with this fairy tale classic about a young woman, a handsome prince, and a pair of glass slippers.


Fox and GrapesThe Fox and the Grapes
A condensed version of a classic Aesop fable with the moral: It’s easy to despise what you cannot have.


Machu PicchuMachu Picchu
Learn about the mysterious lost city of the Incas, built on a mountaintop in Peru centuries ago.


A Whale of a TaleA Whale of a Tale
Who doesn’t love a great big whale?


Why Snow Falls in WinterWhy Snow Falls in Winter
A large and happy family, a lot of dogs, and some problems with the size of the family fridge...


A Whale of a TaleGoldilocks and the Three Bears
A quick and fun version of this enduring tale of a naughty little girl and a family of very patient bears.



Feature Story Song

Headin SouthHeadin' South
An iceberg is no place for this bird! Sing along as it heads south for the winter.



  • More Story Songs

Calico PieCalico Pie
The birds and the beetles all go away, and so do the fish in the sea. But do they ever come back?


Eensy Weensy SpiderEeensy Weensy Spider
Sing along to this classic nursery rhyme.


Stories and Songs in Spanish

Rebota                              ants Las Hormigas Negras Y Rojas


  • Sing along with these traditional children's songs from Latin-America.
    • Los Elefantes
      Elephants, elephants, galore! This counting song is a favorite for all children.
    • Pimpón
      This well-behaved doll, keeps out of trouble by staying clean and not making a mess.
    • Naranja Dulce
      This song sings of parting being sweet sorrow, but its actually a popular playground game.


Please note: You need to have a plug-in called Flash installed on your computer to view the stories. It is free, and it is easy to download. If you don't have it, just ask your parent for help. Click the button to the right, and follow the instructions.

Grown-ups, what do you think of these stories? Would you like to see more of these on the website? Please consider making a donation to RIF to help us continue to offer these online resources. If you have comments about these stories, please email them to kids@rif.org.

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