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Meet Riffington

Riffington is RIF's furry, blue mascot. He loves reading, and he just loves telling everyone how much he loves books! He tells kids, parents, teachers, communities, dogs, cats, monsters — and everyone that he can find — that reading is fun and important to our future.

All About Riffington!
Riffington had this to say about himself ...

  • Height: 6'5" (I'm taller than you'd guess.)
  • Favorite color: Blue, because that's the color of my fur 
  • Favorite sport:  Basketball
  • Favorite TV shows:  Between the Lions and Blue's Clues
  • Favorite item of clothing:  My red tie
  • Favorite hobby:  Reading, of course!
  • Most unusual characteristic:   My nose lights up as a book light. That way when it's dark, I can light the pages of my books by using my nose.

Send Riffington a Message!
Riffington really loves to get mail. If you'd like to send him a note he would be so glad to hear from you. Just click on the link below to send an email message.

Riffington Coloring Pages
Do you want to color pictures of Riffington?

Riffington just loves reading and writing games, and there are plenty to check out in the Game Station on the Reading Planet.

As you know, Riffington loves books. When he is looking for a new book to read, sometimes he will ask a friend or the librarian to give him some suggestions, but sometimes he just visits the Book Zone on the Reading Planet for ideas.

He really likes to be creative — drawing, painting, singing, and dancing are all fun things to do. Riffington always visits the Activity Lab on the Reading Planet to find lots of ideas for creative activities.


Reading Is Fundamental