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Writers' Block
Help us finish a story by adding your own ideas. It's simple. Each month, we'll begin a new story.

Writer's Block
Story Image Read the story below about a surprising Halloween costume.

Halloween Costume Chaos

Every year, Marney's mother made her Halloween costume, but this year was different. Marney was eleven years old, and she wanted to make her own costume. "Mom," Marney said, "I am not a baby anymore. I can make one myself." So Marney went up to the attic to see if they had any old clothes that she could work with. She saw a lot of red ribbon, her father's old work clothes, and her mother's old party dress. Then she decided that she would be...

Raquel B.
Age 10
Moore Haven, FL

a clown ! She would wear a Scotish striped coat from her father's old work clothes and red ribbon in her hair for pig tales. The dress would go under the coat, and the dress was beautiful! It was pink and lacy with a pink belt. In a box in the attic she even found a pair of her father's old tap dancing shoes and put some lace on them. But then, she noticed something about the clothes and shoes. They were

Age 7
Wichita, KS

magical. It made her into a one-eyed spooky witch. The Scotish jacket turned into fur! The tapping shoes stayed the same. Now her only quandary was how was she supposed to tell her mom about this? She went downstairs and....

Age 8
Witchita, KS

her mother was right in front of her. She shrieked when she saw Marney's costume. Marney told her pale mom about the magical shoes. Her radiant mom understood perfectly because...

Age 7
Fort Lauderdale, Fl.

when her mother was a little girl, she put on those same tap shoes, and at Halloween time, her mother would turn into something different every year. They were magical shoes, and now Marney would be able to use them every Halloween, and her costumes would always be a suprise. The end.

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