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Writers' Block
Help us finish a story by adding your own ideas. It's simple. Each month, we'll begin a new story.

Writer's Block
Story Image Take a look at the completed story below.

Mother's Day Mayhem

This year, Mother's Day was extra important -- it was also my mom's birthday! My little brother, Eric, and I decided to give her a special gift. Mom loves flowers and gardening, so we decided to plant roses in the backyard as a surprise. Dad bought the rosebush for us. Early on Mother's Day morning, Eric and I went out to start digging. I dug my shovel in the ground, and heard a funny sound ...

Age 12
Gaston, SC

big, big rock. At least I thought it was, except it was shaped like an egg. I didn't know it at first, but it was a luegene rich back -- a dragon egg. I could tell by the red specks on it. Eric talks about dragon eggs a lot. Then I saw two 2 big red eyes light up, so we ...

Age 10
Orlando, FL

ran. The dragon followed us back up to our backyard. Even if it had just been born, it was fast. It flew through the air spitting fireballs. One hit the rose bush. So much for a birthday present! We opened the glass door to the patio and locked and shut the door. In one hot breath it melted the door and came after us. My brother grabbed me and dragged me into the fridge. The dragon melted that door. This was it. We were going to die behind a box of waffles, then suddenly...

Ms. Hubbell's Reading class
Age 7
Houston, TX

the dragon melted the waffles and started to eat the waffles. Eric and I were able to jump out of the refrigerator and go get a rope. When we came back he was still eating waffles, so we tied up his legs and dragged him into the garage. All of a sudden who showed up but his MOTHER and she was MAD!!!! We ran to hide behind the car as the dragon's mom ...

Age 11
New Jersey

started yelling at her son in dragon language! She was so mad that fire was coming out of her mouth. She untied the little dragon, and he followed her with his head hanging. We watched them go back underground in the backyard. Eric and I filled up the hole with dirt. We planted the rosh bush, which still looked okay. Mom loved it, and she never found out what really happened.

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