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Writers' Block
Help us finish a story by adding your own ideas. It's simple. Each month, we'll begin a new story.

Writer's Block
Story Image Read the ending to "Summer Bummer" below.

Summer Bummer

Finally, it was the last day of school! Katey had been thinking about summer for weeks. She couldn't wait to swim, go to the beach, and spend every day outside. To celebrate the beginning of summer, her parents were picking her up after school to go out to dinner. But when the family mini-van pulled up, Katey saw that her parents were wearing winter coats and hats. Even her baby brother Jacob was bundled up? "What's going on?" Katey thought ...

Age 9
Ladora, IA

"Why are you wearing those winter clothes?" asked Katey. We are going on vacation to the Arctic circle said Katey's mom. The Artic circle! Katey frowned and said...

Age 12
Edgar Springs, MO.

"but we were going to go to the beach. And what about dinner? We were supposed to go out for dinner, remember?" Katey's mom and dad exchanged confused looks. Then Katey's mom said,"I don't remember planning any of that, but the Artic Circle will be much more fun anyway." Katey was very confused. Just this morning they were talking about how much fun they were going to have at the beach and now this. "What is happening?", wondered Katey. "I know," she thought,"they are playing a joke on me." So she...

Age 11
Rochester, Pennsylvania
United States

said, " Okay, joke's on me. Lets hurry or will miss dinner." Katey's mom sighed and said, "This is no joke, honey. Now get in the car or we will miss our flight." Katey had to do something

Age 15
Brooklyn, NY

So she pulled her baby brother, Jacob, out of the car. Then her mom got really mad. She told Katey that if she didn't behave they wouldn't go anywhere on their vacation, and they'd stay home all summer. Katey thought about it for a few minutes, and decided that the Artic Circle could be fun. At least more fun than home. So she put Jacob in the van and got in, too. Then they drove off to the airport, and Katey just thought that she couldn't wait to send postcards back to her friends. They would be so suprised to learn about her trip.

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