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Writers' Block
Help us finish a story by adding your own ideas. It's simple. Each month, we'll begin a new story.

Writer's Block
Story Image Check out the completed story below.

Royal Dreams

Jennifer had just finished reading her favorite book, "The Princess Diaries", when she fell fast asleep. She had stayed up late reading in bed, and just couldn't keep her eyes open by the time she completed the last page. But when she awoke, things were very odd. She couldn't figure out where she was until she realized that she was in...

Age 11
Ingram, Texas

the "Princess Diaries" book. She noticed the grandmother of the princess but couldn't find the princess herself. On accident she fell over trying to not make noise when she saw herself in front of a mirror. She was tall, beautiful, and outragous. Then suddenly the grandmother pulled up behind her and said "Princesses shouldn't look at themselves, they should show off themselves." "Wow!" she shouted, "I'm really the princcess, I'm really the princess." "Well of course you are, said the grandmother. "Now go. There's someone waiting for you." "Who could that be?" Jennifer thought. Then as she opened the door she saw

Age 13

her mother leading an elephant up to the palace. The elephant was covered in fancy decorations. Her mother shouted to her, "Hurry up Jennifer, you'll miss the Royal Parade." At the parade Jennifer and the grandnmother rode in a canopy on top the elephant. Since Jennifer had read the book, she knew how to wave at the people. Her mother was leading the elephant. "Elephants never come to this area so it is a treat to ride on one, not many princesses are able to ride one," the grandmother commented. "How come my mother leads the elephant?" Jennifer asked. "That's not your mother dear. Your mother is on the elephant ahead of us. See she is waving at you now," replied the grandmother. Jennifer knew who her real mother was, the one leading the elephant, but why did her grandmother say the one on the other elephant was? Then a carrier pigeon dropped a note into Jennifer's lap. The note said...

Age 11

"Your grandma is lying to you. She doesn't want you to turn out like your mother. She thinks your mother should have been Queen instead of choosing to work with animals, like these elephants." Jennifer was so confused so she got off her elephant, stopped the parade, and ran to her mother. She said

Age 13

"Mother! Mother! It is really you isn't it?" To her suprise Jennifer's mum didn't answer. She just stared straight ahead. Frantically Jennifer waved her hand in front of her eyes. "Mum, it's me can't you see?" Then on looking up she saw what had entranced her stoney faced mother. She screamed, blocking the way ahead she saw a

Age 13

part of her bedroom from the real world. Looking around, the parade and her mother had become a blur. A breeze began to pick up, blowing her hair and sending a shiver down her spine. "What's going on?" Jenifer mumbled.The wind had stopped and everingthing was still. She oped her eyes, yawned and exclaimed,"What an exciting dream!" THE END.

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