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Writers' Block
Help us finish a story by adding your own ideas. It's simple. Each month, we'll begin a new story.

Writer's Block
Story Image Help write a story with other kids! Each day this week, come back to send in what you think should happen next in "Spooky School."

Spooky School

Laurie had always heard rumors that her middle school was haunted, but she didn't believe it. She knew there was no such thing as ghosts. The week of Halloween, Laurie went to school and went straight to her locker to put her coat away. As she turned the dial of her lock, she heard a strange moaning coming from the locker. Suddenly, Laurie felt very cold. She opened the locker and

Melanie Litten
Age 9
St. Petersburg

there was nothing. So she closed her locker but she still heard the moaning. She opened her locker very quickly and saw the ghost of an old principal of the school. Laurie screamed and

Ryan O.
Age 11
Williams Bay

screamed but no one heard her ... Still she cried for help as the ghost slowly, slowly came out of the locker. It reached for her, moaning and groaning. Suddenly it grabbed hold of her. It began telling a story that would change the way she thought for the rest of her life ... In 1925, when the principal had been alive, the students of the middle school had played a little prank on the principal. They had placed a dead rat hanging on his door. Whe he saw it

Patricia T.
Age 13

he screamed and shouted he had "ratphobia" (a case that when you see a rat you faint). The principal fainted but accidently fell right on his head on the cement floor. He died, and ever since that morining, he has been haunting the children of that school who been playing pranks on teachers and the principal. Like that day when another student named Jimmy saw a 1925 yearbook in the boys' locker room and in it was the picture of the dead principal. It said in loving memory. But then Jimmy

Joey Drury
Age 11
Iowa Park

went and played the same trick that had been played on the principal on his mean old English teacher. When the teacher walked in her class the next morning and saw the rat, she had a heart attack and died. So then the teacher's ghost went with the principal and helped him play pranks on the kids who played them on other teachers.

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