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Writers' Block
Help us finish a story by adding your own ideas. It's simple. Each month, we'll begin a new story.

Writer's Block
Story Image Help write this Writers' Block story, "The Book That Kept on Giving" with other kids! Come back each day this week to see where the story is going, and add in your own contribution!

The Book That Kept on Giving

Nikki wasn't expecting any gifts this holiday season. Her family was tight on money, and things were even worse this year. Nikki tried to ignore all the fancy displays and gifts at stores. On the last day of school before winter break, Nikki came home to find a wrapped gift on her doorstep. It had her name on it. She tore off the wrapping paper right away. It was a book with a beautiful cover. She opened it, and ...

Age 11
East New York

and all kind of wonderful things started to happen. Toys popped out. There were gifts for her and family. She even had a gift for her pet dog Hegeman. Nikki was so amazed that she had to stop and wonder what was going on, who was doing this and how could this happen. Was it magic, a dream, or

Rachel Haskell
Age 10
Forked River

should she keep it a secret? If anyone found out that she had such a valuable book, they would surely take it away. She decided to hide the book for now and talk to her best friend about it when she got home. She walked through the town with great trepidation

Age 13

When she got home her best friend, Samantha, was sitting on her couch when Nikki got there. She was watching a Christmas add on t.v. with lots of wonderful toys in it. "What do you want for Christmas?" Nikki asked her. "I want EVERYTHING!" Samantha said jokingly. Nikki bit her lip nervously and fingered the book that was hidden away in her backpack. Nikki decided to...

Age 13
Spring River

show Samantha the book. "Sam," Nikki said, "I found something really special that I want to share with you." She pulled out the book, opened it, and hundreds of toys started to appear. "Wow!" said Samanatha. "I know," said Nikki. Nikki had thought about how lucky she was for finding such a treasure. But she aslo knew that there so many kids who were not fortunate and weren't able to afford presents. So she said, "Samanatha, come with me. We are going to take this book down to the orphanage and then to the homeless shelter, and then to the hospital. So we can bring presents to all of the kids who need them." THE END.

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