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Writers' Block
Help us finish a story by adding your own ideas. It's simple. Each month, we'll begin a new story.

Writer's Block
Story Image Help write a story with kids from around the country! Come back each day this week to see what's happened in "Magic Mountain." Then send in what you think should happen next!

Magic Mountain

Meghan was on her first skiing trip with her family. Her older brother Brett was already a good skiier, but Meghan could barely stand up on her skis. As she rode the ski lift, she felt scared when she saw how high she was. With a deep breath, she hopped off the lift and got on the mountain. As she went down, ...

Jeremy A.
Age 10

she could see all the other skiers whizzing past her. She zoomed down and down, then she tripped and lost control, hit up a rock and fell on her back. Her skis slid down another direction into the woods. She looked around to see where she was. All the other skiers were out of sight. Meghan got up and decided to go in the woods to find her skis. Once she got in the woods,she saw

Neha G.
Age 13

a strange man murmuring absentmindedly to himself and holding a strange-looking brown package. He was walking upwards, towards a cliff. Meghan hid behind a bush as she watched the man go to a tree on the cliff and pull an out-of-place branch. Meghan gasped. A secret cave was revealed! The Meghan got freaked out and ran down the mountain as fast as she could. She wanted to get away from that mountain, it gave her the chills. Eventually, she found the mountain ski lodge and rushed in, only to find her dad talking to the manager and her mother glancing worriedly around the place

Ms. Shaver's First Grade
Age 6
Albuquerque, NM
United States

she rushed to her mom and hugged her. She told her mom and dad about the strange man and the secret cave. They tried to find the tree with the out-of-place branch. They found it and opened the secret cave. They went inside and found a portal. When they reached the end, they started walking again and they saw a big shadow

Age 7
New Delhi

When they neared the shadow they saw that it was a huge bag. They opened the bag and found wrist watches, bags, skies and other valuables. Everyone was shocked and no one could decide who had done it. They thought

Age 11

it must have been a skier. They went back to the lodge to look up the skiers' records. Unfotunately the person at the front wouldn't let them look in the files and said it was private. As they were leaving the hotel, a man walked in and Meghan shouted "That's him! That's the man at the cave!" Her parents ran to the security guard. The guard recognized the man as a co-worker - the cave man was a security guard, too! It turned out the ski lodge kept some valuables in the cave to keep them safe. Meghan and her parents had to promise to keep the location a secret. The end.

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