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Writers' Block
Help us finish a story by adding your own ideas. It's simple. Each month, we'll begin a new story.

Writer's Block
Story Image Help write a story called "When Pigs Have Wings" with other kids from across the country! Each day this week, come back to read the story and send in what you think should happen next! We'll post a new paragraphy every day.

When Pigs Have Wings

James loved animals so much that he wanted to be a vet or work in a zoo someday. On weekends, he often helped out at a nearby farm. His favorite animals were the pigs, although the smell of the pigpen bothered him a bit. One Saturday morning, he served the pigs their usual slop. Suddenly, one of the pigs looked up and stared James in the eye. The pig opened its mouth and ...

Seraphina C.
Age 10
Marietta, GA

said, "Why do you always feed us this slop?" James was so shocked he just froze. He looked at the pig then he ran as fast as he could and told the farmer the pig was talking. They ran to the pig pen but when they got there the pigs had grown wings! They called the police, and then

Priya G.
Age 12
Pace, Florida

by the time the police arrived, they visited the pigpen once again--but the winged pig was gone! It had flown away from them! The police shook their heads and left. James was disappointed, but suddenly, before his eyes, the pig appeared before him again, and said, "You shouldn't have called them. I disappear to everyone except you." "Why?" James asked. The pig replied

Brandon V.
Age 11

I am your fairy god pig. I can give you everything you ever wanted. For starters I'll give wings just like me. Then

Morgan N.
Age 11
Prairie du Chein Wisconsin

James asked, "So is that why you have wings?" "Yes, that is why, "the pig replied. "So what do you want to do, do you have any wishes?" "Of course I do. Can I have a donut?" "Ok, if that is all you want. Kazam!" "And I would like a car! And a lot of toys! And and big screen TV! And ..." "Wait, how about some slop for the pigs?" the pig said. " Ok I guess." James kept wishing and wishing and his soon his room was filled with

Kelsey G.
Age 9
Texas, U.S.A

pictures, lots of toys, and donuts. He needed to put all of it away, but where? His closet was full and his bed was piled. What was he going to do? He packed his bag and ran away with the amazing pig to the farm. They lived happily ever after there.

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