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Writers' Block
Help us finish a story by adding your own ideas. It's simple. Each month, we'll begin a new story.

Writer's Block
Story Image Help write a story with other kids from across the country! Each day this week, come here to see what's happening in "The Giving Tree." Then send in what you think should happen next!

The Good Luck Tree

Adrienne woke up super-early on April 22 -- it was Earth Day, and she and her friends were volunteering at a state park. They were part of a school group that was picking up litter and random junk along the hiking trails. When Adrienne and her friends got to the park, they took garbage bags and got to work. There was a lot of trash to pick up. One tree had white bark and long, skinny branches. Near its roots, Adrienne saw a ...

Cody C.
Age 9
Rocky Mount
United States

a shiny gold leaf. Adrienne picked up the leaf and thought how beautiful it was. She decided that she would give the shiny gold leaf to her mom. That night Adrienne's mom said, "We will have to go get more food tomorrow after you get home from school." The next morning when Adrienne's mom woke up, the cabinets were filled with food. That night Adrienne said, "I wish I had a soccer ball to practice with." The next morning Adrienne found a soccer ball on her bed. When Adrienne and her mom realized just how special the shiny gold leaf was, they decided to

Age 8

put it somewhere somebody couldn't get it. Adrienne and her mom decided not to do anything bad with it. Then

Caroline B.
Age 9

Adrienne's little 4 and 2 year old cousins Luke and Ben came over. Bobby, Adrienne's little brother found the leaf in his dad's closet upstairs. Luke and Ben ran upstairs. Ben took the leaf and thew it on the floor! It broke in half!!! Luke put half of it in his bag. The next day Adrienne wished for a stuffed animal dog and half of it ended up at her cousin's house. So she

Samantha K.
Age 11

went over to get it back. When Adrienne got there she had found out that her cousins no longer lived there. When she got home she wished that this never happened. When Adrienne was sleeping all she could remember was finding the gold leaf. And when she woke up

Priya G.
Age 9

only half of it never happened. The two parts of the leaf were on the floor in her father's room and her cousins had not taken it. Squealing with delight, she rushed to her room with it and tried to fix it. All morning she did this. Then, finally, she managed to fit it together. Suddenly a golden light erupted from the leaf and into the room. Adrienne gasped and the leaf swirled in the air and disappeared with a pouf! Adrienne couldn't find it anywhere. But a beautiful new plant did start to grow in her backyard that same morning. The end.

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