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Writers' Block
Help us finish a story by adding your own ideas. It's simple. Each month, we'll begin a new story.

Writer's Block
Story Image Help write a story called "Magic Mom" with kids from aroud the country. Each day this week, come back to read where the story is going. Then send in what you think should happen next!

Magic Mom

Sophia thought she had the world's best mom. Mrs. Rivera told great stories, made awesome cupcakes, and loved to go biking and swimming with her family. Mrs. Rivera could be strict, but she was a lot of fun, too. Sophia's friends were big fans of Mrs. Rivera, and they loved to come over. But there was one thing they didn't know about Sophia's mom. She was special in a way they couldn't have guessed. She was ...

Rachel P.
Age 10
Seekonk, MA

psychic. See could see the future every day. No one knew, not even Sophia! One night Sophia's friends came over to play. Mrs. Rivera was baking a cake. Without warning, she had a vision. All the girls were staring at her when she had it because Mrs. Rivera was staring at nothing. Just then

Julia R.
Age 10

she quickly ran to the stove and grabbed the fire extinguisher just as the stove caught fire. Mrs. Rivera put the fire out, turned around and said, "Well, who wants some cake?" They all stared. Then Sophia's friend Jessy said, "You knew exactly what would happen, how did you do that?" Mrs. Rivera answered

Age 6

"I smelled smoke." Then everybody said, "But there was no smoke BEFORE the fire happened, only after it happened!" Then Mrs. Rivera said, "There must have been smoke from something else." And then Mrs. Rivera stared at everybody. Everybody stared at Mrs. Rivera. Mrs. Rivera said, "I need to go now." Then

Jacob B.
Age 11
Bradenton, FL

The USA spys came and took Mrs. Rivera and went to the White House in Washington, DC. She was sent on a misson for a 3-D videogame called Game Over. She was sent in the game to beat challenges through racing, fighting, and the last level 10 is the hardest level in the game. She could usually do well because of her psychic abilities. But at the end, she didn't know which button to press. Then

Age 11

she had a vision. She saw herself pulling the red lever. She saw people cheering her for beating game over. She came back and pulled the red lever. And ... it worked! She solved the game. The spies gave her a big reward, and she went home with her family and celebrated.

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