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Writers' Block
Help us finish a story by adding your own ideas. It's simple. Each month, we'll begin a new story.

Writer's Block
Story Image Read the story below about a peculiar Father's Day gift.

Freaky Father's Day

Jack knew that Father’s Day was coming up soon, and he wanted to get his dad an awesome present. But Jack couldn't think of any great gift ideas. So he went to the shopping mall and decided just to look around. At the mall, Jack discovered a store that he had never seen before. It was dark inside the store, and there lots of strange antique objects around. The salesman was very old, and he approached Jack very slowly. Jack told him that he was looking for a Father’s Day gift, and the salesman brought out a wooden box that was carved with an image of a fish. Jack knew that his dad liked fishing, so he decided to get it. After the salesman packaged it for Jack, he told him something very odd. “My son," he said, "this box holds many wonders. Tell your father to be very careful when he opens it.” Jack thought that was weird and left the store. But on Father’s Day…

Sarah C.
Age 11
Augusta, GA
United States

when his dad opened the box, six huge brightly colored fish jumped out! As they zoomed around Jack's dad's head, they screamed " You must go fishing! You must go fishing!" over and over again. Jack didn't realize what was happening until it was too late. The fish had hypnotized his dad!Jack's dad ran to get his fishing pole and gear and was headed to the door, until.....

Age 10
Lubbock, TX
united States

Jack closed the box and with that the fish disappeared. Jack's dad looked bewildered. The next day Jack's dad accidentally opened the box again.This time

Marissa M.
Age 10

He found a fishing hook. This was no ordinary fishing hook. The hook was bigger than any other that Jack's dad had seen. Jack's dad went to the pond with his enormous hook, carefully attatched it to his fishing pole and threw his pole in the water. He quickly pulled it out millions of large fish were sucking on the pole. "This is odd," said Jack's dad. And later on

Collin S.
Age 8
New Orleans, LA
United States

Jack's dad went home with all of his fish. He put some of them in the freezer. The ones he couldn't fit, he put in the pond in the front yard. The next morning he woke up and looked outside to find the entire ocean was surrounding his house. In the distance

Age 10
St. Pete

He saw billions and billions of fish jumping out of the water!!! Jack's dad went over to where he put the hook from yesterday and found that it had turned into a boat with a net, but it was no ordinary boat. When he took it out at least 1/2 of the fish swam into the net. Even though the family ate fish every night since Father's Day, the fish were the best they ever had. Jack's dad said to Jack, "Thanks Jack, this was the best present any one ever gave me. We are now rich, because we can sell quality fish to people for $2.00 less than the super markets. Thanks son. Thanks a lot!!!" The end.

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