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Writers' Block
Help us finish a story by adding your own ideas. It's simple. Each month, we'll begin a new story.

Writer's Block
Story Image Help write this Writers' Block story with other kids! Each day this week, read where the story is going, and then send in what you think should happen next. Send the ending in on Friday.

April Showers

On spring weekends, John, his little brother Seth, and their dad often went sailing. They had a small sailboat that was pretty old, but still did the job. Saturday was the first warm day, and the three got up early for their sail. The skies were sunny and blue in the morning, and they sailed the boat far out in the water. Then...

Age 9
Pittsburgh, PA

suddenly dark clouds rolled over the boat and it began to rain. Seth and John were both really sad they couldn't sail anymore. However

Megan S.
Age 7

they were close to shore and they wondered if they would get back before it started pouring. They were sailing towards the shore when they noticed their mother waving at them but she was on the other side. "Which way should we go?" John asked his dad. Then

Age 11

Crack! Lightning struck close and they decided to go to the shore. Big waves came over the boat and took Seth with them. John stopped the boat and looked for Seth and he saw the fin of a shark. Did it get Seth? He sailed back to shore and saw Seth. Then

Age 8

they were happy to see that Seth was not hurt, but he was crying because he missed his big brother and dad. The wave had pushed Seth all the way back to shore. Suddenly the storm was over and the sky was bluer than ever. There were no more signs of the shark. Hopefully, he had gone far, far away into the deep waters of the ocean. Then

Katie Hall
Age 10
Surry County
North Carolina

they caught up with their mother. They decided to have lunch since the rain was over. "This has been some day," said Seth. "Yes, it has," the whole family said in excitement. Suddenly a shark fin whirled around the deep blue water. But it soon disappeared, and the family decided not to worry about it, at least until the next sailing trip. The end.

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