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Writers' Block
Help us finish a story by adding your own ideas. It's simple. Each month, we'll begin a new story.

Writer's Block
Story Image See how the story turned out.

Fast Fireworks

Johnny was so excited about the 4th of July that he couldn't stand it. He loved this holiday. Every year he went to the park with his family to have a picnic and to watch the fireworks. This year, however, was really different. On July 4th, he woke up and went downstairs for breakfast. He couldn't believe his eyes. His family was there, but they were all moving and talking so fast. It was like watching a movie in fast-forward. He shouted at them to slow down, but they...

Age 11
Clinton, MD

Were eating really fast. His mom was speed talking about the picnic. They ate the food so fast that Johnny didn't get any before his mom started doing the dishes. It was like they couldn't hear him at all. Johnny stood up and said, "STOP!" But they just

Age 10
San Antonio

kept on and kept on talking so fast he couldn't understand one word. Johnny was very confused! He thought it might be all a dream. He pinched himself, but nope this was his life. Suddenly...

Age 10
West Chester

they all stopped and turn to look at Johnny. Johnny saw his chance and asked his family,"What's going on?" His mother said...

Age 12

Wow. I am tired. Before you woke up today, we got a visit from this man who was selling something he called "fast fireworks". Since our family loves firworks so much, your dad and I bought some so we could light them off at the field tonight. But there must be something weird about those fireworks because everything that happened since we bought them is a blur. So Johnny explained how his family was in fast-forward, and his mom had an idea. She said

Age 9
Rocky Point, NC

"I think we should shoot them off at 9 o'clock tonight in the field. Who agrees?" Everyone said, "Me," except Johnny. He thought

Age 10

"What if when we shoot them off and the whole TOWN goes into fast forward?" then his dad said

Age 11
Cedar Rapids

"You could be right, Johhny." We've really got to solve this. Let's get rid of these fireworks fast so we won't have these problems. Your mother and I can go back into fast-forward, drive far away, drop off the fireworks, and be back in time for the picnic in the park." Johnny thought it sounded like a good idea, but would it work? His parents left, and when they came back...

Age 13

They were normal again. Johnny was pretty glad. Then they all went to the picnic and watched the real fireworks. Everything was going alright until the very last firework went off. It was the big ending where lots of them shoot at once, and he noticed that everyone was acting a little odd. The whole town was going in super fast motion. OH NO! He thought, but then something happened and he started going fast too. "Well," he said, "This is actually a fun way to be." THE END.

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