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Writers' Block
Help us finish a story by adding your own ideas. It's simple. Each month, we'll begin a new story.

Writer's Block
Story Image Help complete this Writers' Block story with other kids from across the country. Each day this week, read where the story is going and send in what you think should happen next. On Friday, send the story ending.

Mountains of Snow

When Andrew woke up, he realized that he’d overslept for school – again. It was almost 10 a.m. and his alarm hadn’t gone off. “Why didn’t Mom wake me up?” Andrew wondered. He hurried to get dressed, and then ran through the house, and threw open the front door. The world outside was covered in snow – mountains of it. The snow went higher than the house. So Andrew decided to...

Age 10

call it a snow day. He rushed into his room and grabbed his boots and hat and was ready for a fun day! Then Andrew noticed someone trying to ruin his day! It was Mr. Jinkins, the snow plower!

Age 10
Snow Camp

He had many other men with him and was clearing the roads, but why? He went to ask him, "Mr. Jinkins, why are you clearing the road?"

Amanda and Alyssa
Age 11
San Juan ,TX

"Because thats my job, and we need to plow the road so people can get to work. When I'm done there is going to be a huge pile of snow for kids to play in.", said Mr.Jinkins. Andrew replied, "Well hurry up! Get the fun started!!!"

Sabrina and Amanda
Age 11
San Juan ,TX

So the next day, Mr. Jinkins was finally finished. "Hooray," Andrew announced,when he found out Mr.Jinkins was done. He sprang in excitement. "Mom, Mom guess what?" "What,"mom replied. "Mr. Jinkins is done plowing the road!" So now

Age 6
Waipahu, HI

there's a big pile of snow. Andrew and his best friend played in the mountain of snow. They were so excited to climb the mountain of snow and slide down. They played with their mountain of snow for 3 long hours! Then Andrew's Mom said to come in and drink hot cocoa. Yes!

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