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Writers' Block
Help us finish a story by adding your own ideas. It's simple. Each month, we'll begin a new story.

Writer's Block
Story Image Help complete this Writers' Block story with other kids from across the country. Each day this week, read where the story is going and send in what you think should happen next. On Friday, send the story ending.

Valentine's Day Birthday

Mary had always felt extra special because of her Valentine's Day birthday. Every year, her mom would bake a strawberry cake with bright pink icing, and decorate their house with red and white streamers and pink and purple balloons. Mary would always invite a few friends over and they would play games and watch movies. This year, though, was Mary’s 12th birthday and she wanted to do something totally different. She thought about going to the aquarium, but her mom said that would be too expensive. “How about the zoo?" asked Mary’s mom. But Mary said it was too cold outside. "I know!" exclaimed Mary. "We should…"

John M.
Age 8

go to the aquarium! We should see the sharks, sting rays, dolphins, and the fish! We will go to lunch afterwards. We will go to lunch at the Buffet! We will eat crabs! We will eat lots of fish and lots of clams and mussels! We will go with the whole family!

Age 11

Everyone will love it. It will be so fun everyone will have a blast! "Please Mom" begged Mary. "No sweetheart" said Mary's mom "it will cost too much money". "But mom" said Mary "No buts" said Mary's mom.The next day Mary told her friends there would be no birthday party. Mary was so sad. Then Mary was called to the office. When she got to the office Mary's mom was on the phone, the secretary told Mary that her mom wanted to talk to her. Mary grabbed the phone her mom was so excited. Mary's mom had won 1 million dollars from the lottery!

Age 10
San Juan, TX

"Yeah! Now we can go to the aquarium! This will be the best birthday ever!"...

Age 11
San Juan,TX

She hung up and ran straight to her class and told all her friends in an excited voice!All her friends yelled "Hooray!" All they could talk about that day was about the party. Then the next day Mary was up bright and early. Then finally at 12:00 they hopped into the car and drove straight to the aquarium.They got the there at 12:30. Then when everyone was there they started looking around. ...

Age 13
Jersey City, NJ

and they were absolutely amazed with what they saw...sharks, sting rays, dolphins, and fish. They had a great time. Then they had lunch at the Buffet! They ate crabs and lots of them. They even ate fish, clams, and mussels. It was a great birthday party after all.

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