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Writers' Block
Help us finish a story by adding your own ideas. It's simple. Each month, we'll begin a new story.

Writer's Block
Story Image Help complete this Writers' Block poem with kids across the country. Each day this week, read where the poem is going and send in what you think should happen next. On Friday, send the poem's ending.

Eat my dust!

Mary Sue would ride her bike to nowhere in particular. She zoomed up and down concrete streets so smooth and perpendicular. Mary Sue's little brother, Billy, rode a clunky old tricycle. He was always riding in her dust; he wasn't as fast with the pedals. One day as Billy found himself once again behind his speedy sister, he figured out a brilliant way to get the tricycle to pass her...

Age 9

Billy greased the tricycle and polished the old joints. He went to an old junk shop and bought some bits and pieces. Then he made a little engine That boosted like a rocket. The next day he rode it and it went very fast. When he rode with his sister, He sped in front. But he lost his control and started going too fast

Age 10

He flew down the street at a very fast speed, zooming through cars he did meet as they honked their horns back and forth. Down through a dirty alley little Billy did go, With big dogs chomping fiercely How f-a-s-t he did go! Out of the alley, and onto the street, The big dogs were gone With much more to meet. A grocery boy dodged his wheel, he was speeding fast by a bus load of people all wondering how long will this last. The Mayor heard of Billy and his rocket tricycle Causing mischief all through the city Mr. Mayor hollered STOP!

Age 11
San Francisco

The mayor said, "Why are you speeding around this place? Stop the rocket now, or I'll make you keep your place!" "But," Billy cried, "I cant stop!" Then the rocket tricycle sped past the cop who was, indeed, the street patrol. "Hey!" he shouts, "You didn't pay the toll! Meanwhile, Mary Sue heard her brother's cry of help, and then he passed her by with a YELP! "I'll help you!" cried she and my-oh-me how fast she pedaled down the street; Catching up with our Billy Boy just as fast as his rockets!

Age 14
Jackson, MS
United States

Reaching into her pocket, Mary Sue got a rope. When only then did she try to stop him, Before he reached the hilly slope. "Billy, Billy, hold on," Mary Sue cried repeatedly. She quickly made a lasso That she tied to her seat. "Billy, Billy hold on!" With the skills she learned from camp, Mary Sue aimed at Billy's bike With the might of a street lamp.

Age 10

She finally got him at last! She hugged him tight and fixed his bike. And she said to her brother, "I'll teach you how to ride a bike fast without using any tools. You'll ride as fast as me soon!"

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