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Writers' Block
Help us finish a story by adding your own ideas. It's simple. Each month, we'll begin a new story.

Writer's Block
Story Image Help complete this Writers' Block with kids acround the world. Each day this week, read where the story is going and send in what you think should happen next.

Adventures of Cora the Supermermaid!

When Cora was ten years old, she was the happiest mermaid in the Pacific Ocean. She would play racing games with dolphins from Hawaii and swim on her back with sea turtles from Indonesia. She had a carefree, mermaid childhood. That all changed one day when, while playing with seahorses off the coast of Papua New Guinea, she was swept up by a tsunami. Normally Cora could sense an approaching tsunami, but this onse appeared out of nowhere! It was a magical storm created by Octavia Octopus, the evil sorceress of the Pacific. Octavia gained power by stealing mer-children's happiness. Normally she stole it by stinging a mer-child with her tentacles, but Cora was too happy. Cora was so happy that Octavia had to use her mighty tsunami-happiness-stealing spell. But instead of taking Cora's happiness, the magical tsunami gave her superpowers. Cora could create 100-foot high waves that left her foes unconscious. Cora vowed to use her new powers to prevent Octavia from ever stealing a mer-child's happiness again...

Age 10
Los Angeles

How Cora would do this she did not know. Cora's powers couldn't drive Octavia to give up her evil, threatening scheme. But Octavia did keep all of her powers in a tiny box. Cora would steal the box and return every happiness to every sad mer-child that had lost her/his happiness. "I'll sneak in," Cora decided, not knowing that Octavia was activating her eavesdropping powers. That night, Octavia planned to attack Cora and take all her happiness away. To Cora's content (and doom that she didn't know of), no one was in Octavia's secret lair! (Octavia was actually waiting on the top of her dirty old cave.) Cora grabbed the prized possession (the tiny box), and made a run for it. Octavia suddenly pushed a button. Bar doors slid through, and Cora was trapped inside with the box...

Age 10
Lanexa, VA

Cora was thinking of some way to get out when she thought of the box, which gave her a perfect idea. She could open the box and let all the happiness out through the bars. So Cora tried to open the small box right there in Octavia's cave, but the small box wouldn't open. Octavia laughed at her and said, "You can't open the box without the key, which is around my neck." Cora looked up at her neck and saw a huge golden key........

Age 10

...hanging around octavia's neck. It shined and gleamed as if it was a jewel. "Give it to me!" Cora said firmly. "Ha, ha, ha. In your dreams you little mermaid!" Octavia chuckled. And with that she flipped one of her tentacles so the box would get knocked out of Cora's hand. The box started to float up toward the surface. "I'll get this for you!!" Octavia bellowed.

Age 13

But before Octavia could reach the surface, Cora sung. She sung with such happiness it could have made all the people in the world smile on their worst days. Octivia suddenly roared back in anger. "No! stop singing," she hissed. As Cora sung, the box began to glow. And if you listened very closely, you could hear faint voices singing along (which was a very hard thing to do with Octavia shouting at the top of her lungs). The tiny voices in the box where ready to sing their happiness right back to where they belonged, with the mer-children's souls. So as Cora sang and Octavia yelled fiercely, the box's light grew and grew and became louder and louder until...

Age 3
Reading, PA

...the box burst open with such force. Then a rainbow stripe appeared for each of Octavia's powers. The powers instantly burst right into Cora and made her so much stronger than Octavia. Octavia tried to escape, but Cora's mighty powers brought her right back. Octavia begged for Cora not to take her powers away. Cora said," I'm not putting any more mer-children in danger!" Cora instantly turned Octavia into a little fish with no powers. Thanks to Cora the Super-mermaid, none of the mer-children were ever in danger ever again!

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