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Writers' Block
Help us finish a story by adding your own ideas. It's simple. Each month, we'll begin a new story.

Writer's Block
Story Image Help complete this Writers' Block with kids around the world. Each day this week, read where the story is going and send in what you think should happen next.

The Book of Possibilities

Every year, Gregory received a unique gift from his eccentric Uncle Theodore, who was an antiques dealer. One year, he got an edition of the first Batman comic book. Another year, he got a baseball signed by Babe Ruth. On his thirteenth birthday, Gregory received a package in the mail that was postmarked from Tanzania. When he opened it, he was disappointed to find an old book with a worn cover and yellowing pages. Inside the book was a note from his uncle. It read: "My dear nephew, For your 13th birthday I give you my most prized possession, 'The Book of Possibilities.' I have always told you that reading can take you anywhere and everywhere. Well, if you did not believe me before, you certainly will now. Enjoy the adventure that is in store for you. Your Uncle Theodore P.S. You can only read this book when you are alone in a dark and locked room." At first, Gregory thought his uncle has lost his marbles. Why "The Book of Possibilities," didn't even have text on its jaundiced pages. "This is the worst birthday present in the history of birthday presents," Gregory said to himself. A week passed before he gave the book another thought. Then one night, when he couldn't sleep, Gregory noticed that a book was glowing on his bookshelf. It was his uncle's book! Gregory grabbed the "Book of Possibilities" and opened it but nothing happened. Then he remembered his uncle's instructions and locked his bedroom door. This time when he opened the book, he could see text being written on the pages with an invisible hand...

Age 9
Dallas, TX

The text read, "What lies within contains the map to all desires." Gregory didn't know what that meant so he went back to sleep. The next day he barely said anything all day, but at night that book glowed again! He locked his bedroom door, opened the book, and this time the invisibe hand wrote: "Breathe deeply seven times and spin around three times." After following the instructions, Gregory looked at the book as a gaggle of colors danced around him. Then a small fairy-like warrior flew up to him and made a wizzing sound like a kazoo...

Age 11
Livingston, WI

The next thing Gregory knew, he was in a white world with strange men, woman, and children surronding him. "What are you doing here?" asked one of the men with a feathered hat. "I don't really know myself," Gregory replied. A murmur rose from the crowd. Gregory caught parts of the conversation: "Another one from the outside world," said one. "The book got passed down again," said another. What did all these things mean, Gregory wondered. Then he realized that he was in the book. "Oh my!" he exclaimed. "What was that" the man with the feathered hat said. "Uh..uh..nothing," Gregory stammered.

Age 10

Gregory was scared at the thought of being inside the book. But then he realized Uncle Theodore had given him a wonderful gift. So Gregory went over to a little child who had been sitting alone for some time. "Hello, my name's Gregory. What's yours?" he asked. "My name is Arther"said the boy. "Why are you so sad?" "Because I've lost my green emerald necklace." "Where is it?" "Past the river and the forest. It must of gotten stuck in the vines i was swinging on about a hour ago. I hope nobody's stolen it" So Arther and Gregory set off to find the necklace

Age 13
Saginaw, MI

Gregory and Arthur walked over the hill and through the trees. When they came upon the river, Gregory asked: "Do you think that it could have flew into the river?" "It could have," said Arthur. "But I can't swim." "I'll jump in and look for it," said Gregory. "Do you have any goggles?" "Yes," Arthur responded. He reached into his pocket and pulled out a pair of blue, square-shaped goggles, that looked very familiar to Gregory. "Hey!" said Gregory. "Those belong to my uncle!"

Age 12
Merced, CA

"You mean, your uncle is Theodore!" Arthur exclaimed. "He's like a hero to me. When he gave me these goggles I was totally honored." "Yeah. He's somethin'," Gregory said, remembering the good times he had with his uncle. Gregory started missing his uncle and hoped he would get a chance to say thank you for the wonderful gift

Age 9
Gladstone, MI

Little did Gregory know that his uncle was right behind him. Uncle Theodore tapped his nephew on the shoulder and said, "Great present, huh?" "Uncle!" Gregory yelled. "Is it really you?" "Yup!" "This is the greatest present ever!" "I thought the same thing when I got it," his uncle replied.

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