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Writers' Block
Help us finish a story by adding your own ideas. It's simple. Each month, we'll begin a new story.

Writer's Block
Story Image Help complete this Writers' Block, which is a "Choose Your Own Adventure" story opening written by author R.A. Montgomery. Every day, read where the story is going and send in what you think should happen next. **Be sure to write in second-person, using the pronoun YOU.

The Penny Case

You are a detective with Interpol, the International Criminal Police Organization. You are assigned to the "Penny" case involving computer hackers who have developed a technique for stealing a few pennies from bank accounts all over the world. While a few pennies may not seem like much, the hackers have already stolen almost $2 billion dollars. You are hot on the trail of the ringleader, Morgan Pi. Pi always wears elaborate disguises and he moves around the Belgium countryside using anonymous Internet cafes and multiple email addresses. But you have just come across a clue that could be your much-needed break in the case. One of your sources has just given you one of Pi's email addresses--or so you hope...

Age 12

So you decide to investigate. You know you can find something because an email address is such a powerful clue. But Pi's not dumb, he knows exactly what he's doing. You need a special code to open his email account. You call one of your friends at Interpol whose nickname is "the codebreaker." Your friend is able to break the code and enter Pi's email account. But Pi has already erased all of the messages except one. You open the message and read what it says: "You really thought that I would keep all my information on e-mail. I'm not that dumb!"

Erin B
Age 12
New York, NY

You are very disappointed. You really thought you had him. You decide to check your email and see that there is one new message. It is from the codebreaker and he writes that he just found a new email address of Pi's. With the codebreaker's help, you hack into this email and discover

Katie Q
Age 15

Bills. Lots and lots of bills. "Wow, someone really owes money," you say. "Dang, there's bills from China and Europe...and look, Australia!" You open the first email on the page, and see: 'You have not paid your bill. Go pay or we will have to suspend you." You think, "Why would Morgan pay bills? Why would he even have bills?"

Linda T.
Age 10

Then, to your disappointment, you realize that this is not Pi's email, but instead it belongs to a man named James Eastwards. Suddenly, a new message appears and you click on it. 'Eastwards- You'd better hand me the money quick or else! We know. We know your secrets, where you live and all. We have surrounded the world. You have nowhere to hide! Our company will get you fast. M.P.' The codebreaker gasps and says, "M.P. Morgan Pi!" You quickly click on James' profile. It lists his address as 1767 Renrose Street. That is the house right next to yours! You jump out of your seat, race next door, and pound on your James' front door. That's when you hear a weak call: "Help!"

Age 10

You open the door. It is dark inside the house. At first, you look and you don't see anything. Then it hits you and you see a man pointing a gun at James. "Give me back my money that you stole or I will shoot you," the man says to James. You turn and run back to your house to call the police. Five mintues later, the police come and tell the man to put down his gun. As he does so, the man tells the police that Morgan Pi had stolen his money and that James was in on it.

Troy H
Age 14
Downingtown, PA

But you don't have any idea where Morgan Pi lives so you tell the police that you're in on this case. First, they say they don't need your help. Then you convince them to let you in on the case. After long hard working hours of discovering information, the codebreaker finds a new message. It is from Pi and it is addressed to you. "I want you to come down to warehouse 67. Alone. No police. No cameras." the message reads. You reply yes. Then you and the police discuss a plan to bring Morgan Pi down. You come up with the idea that, as you travel down to warehouse 67, the police are in a helicopter out of sight yet ready to act on a radio signal. That night, as you enter the warehouse, Morgan Pi appears. James comes dashing in shouting, "Where's my money!" You look at Morgan Pi and he pulls out a case that contains 10 trillion dollars. You look at him and ask, "Why? Why did you do it?" Morgan Pi responds by throwing the case to you and making a run for it. You call the police on your walkie talkie and they drop troopers from the helicopter. As they arrest Morgan Pi, he whispers, "I'm sorry, my baby sister." You look at him and say, "Huh?" But he's already in the car. THE END

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