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Writers' Block
Help us finish a story by adding your own ideas. It's simple. Each month, we'll begin a new story.

Writer's Block
Story Image Help complete this Writers' Block with kids around the world. Each day this week, read where the story is going and send in what you think should happen next.

Game Over: The Haunted Maze

Malcolm loved soccer. He was co-captain of his middle school soccer team, he subscribed to three different soccer magazines, and he had an autographed ball from his favorite player, David Beckham. When soccer was in-season, Malcolm would spend his entire weekend watching international soccer games on TV. And when soccer wasn’t on TV, he could be found in his bedroom, playing his favorite video game—Soccer Death Match. During the game, Malcolm had to use virtual soccer moves in order to defeat the villains and advance to the next level. Malcolm’s favorite move was the “head butt” in which he could hit a soccer ball with his player’s forehead and strike an opponent with the ball. On Halloween, Malcolm’s friends called to see if he wanted to go trick-or-treating. “Sorry guys,” he told them. “Now’s not a good time. I just got to the last level!” Malcolm had finally advanced to the ‘haunted graveyard’ level. In order to beat the game, his player had to defeat Mortimer, a ghost who had been the world’s greatest soccer player when he was alive. But to reach Mortimer’s castle, Malcolm had to navigate the haunted graveyard’s maze. The level was almost finished loading when, suddenly, thunder clapped and lightening struck. A second later, all of the electricity went out in the house and Malcolm’s bedroom plunged into darkness. Thankfully, a cloud moved and moonlight began to illuminate the night. But instead of seeing his bed or television screen, Malcolm saw dozens of graves. That’s when he realized that he was no longer playing the game… he was IN the game!

Age 10

The place was silent. Nothing moved. Even though nothing was there, the place still gave him the creeps. Suddenly, a sound broke the silence. A howl of death, twisted with rage. The ground began to shake. Malcolm knew he should run, but he couldn't. Fear had taken over. And then the ground began to shake. Someone or something big was coming!

Age 9

A zombie was riding a monster right towards him. First, the monster tried to eat him. Then Malcom did the head butt and knocked the zombie off of the monster. To his surpise, the monster ate the zombie then it shriveled up and died.

Age 13
Moreno Valley

With a sigh of relief, Malcolm stepped forward and admired the place. As far as his eyes could reach, he saw gravestone after gravestone. Then something caught his eye: a great big soccer field. Except, one second it looked like a soccer field and then it looked like another part of the graveyard. Malcolm could not decide which, so he drew closer. Still, one second it would look like a soccer field, but then it would look like a graveyard again. Malcolm had almost lost hope in trying to figure out which it was when, suddenly, something flew right past his head. He turned around and saw Mortimer

Age 9

Malcolm screamed. But Mortimer only laughed and said "You can't escape me, child. Nothing and no one have ever escaped me. Soon you'll turn into one of my monsters." Then a group of ghouls and skeletons rose up from the ground! Suddenly, Malcolm did the super head butt--a completly new move! The ghouls disappeared and the skeletons fell apart! Then Malcolm kicked a soccer ball and it hit Mortimer so hard that he disappered. There was a flash of lightning, and in the blink of an eye, Malcolm was back home! So he put on his costume and went trick-or-treating.

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